2011 Holther Border Collie Reunion

(Group picture to come)

*This page is not completely updated

Alisa and Brandy doing their freestyle disc routine!

Lloyd doing blind-folded human agility!

Sisters!  Brandy and Alice

Donna and Johnny's girls, Sweep and Demi

3 "Goldies" in attendance below - Bodhi, Lola and Jace:

Bodhi and Lola

Bodhi and Lola

Jace and half-sis Miranda, owned by the Bailey's

Guinness on left and Remedy on right

SALLY!  owned by the Baskins.......and Walter with Mercer

Thunder and Mark doing a disc demo

Mark and Irish doing a disc demo and another photo of Thunder

Andy and Brandy on left, Mercer and Flo on right

Our awesome cake - Thank you Stacey!

LOVE Tango's face here (on right) telling Ela (on left) exactly who that frisbee belongs to :)

Thank you Alisa, Karen and Uni for photos!!!