About Us

We are Border Collie fanciers as a serious passion and out of utmost love and appreciation
of the breed.  Therefore, we are not only extremely selective about breeding dogs,
but we are also very selective when it comes to placing dogs.
We are active members of our local kennel club and other various clubs to
include the Border Collie Society of America.  Occasionally,
we will have puppies and adults available for the right homes.
We believe in Border Collies of sound mind and body.  Dogs that are built to last and
can be successful in the show ring, yet still have the ability and desire to work. Our dogs
make excellent companions and versatile competitors.  Temperament is paramount.
We have dogs from imported New Zealand and Australian
show lines and from working lines of Great Britain and the USA.  There are many out there
who are anti-this and anti-that in Border Collies.  Please contact us to discuss the
REAL differences in ALL the various types, from an unbiased point of view.
We love ALL types of Border Collies and believe they ALL have their purposes,
unless, of course, they are being bred for no purpose at all
(such as backyard "breeders", puppy mills, etc who just want to make money selling dogs).

There are breeders breeding them specifically for competition sports like agility, herding trial competition,
competitive obedience, flyball, etc. There are also those breeding for real agricultural work-herding,
companion/service dog work and some breeding strictly for the conformation show ring.
Many feel strongly that their reasons for breeding them are THE reason, and all others are wrong.
This is why you may find much conflicting information out there on the internet.  Some of the other hateful
things you may find are deep political opinions and feelings against certain registries and organizations.
Don't fall for the propaganda like so many have, unfortunately.  No registry nor organization is perfect, nor
is there the perfect breeder nor perfect dog.  Find someone who wants the right dog to fit in with the best possibly
matched home and definitely do your research thoroughly.

If you are interested in learning more about the breed or possibly a puppy,
adult, or a started/trained dog or youngster, feel free to contact us or schedule to come by for a visit.
If we don't feel we are the right match for you, we will certainly recommend other breeders
or put you in touch with several rescue/adoption options.

Email... holtherborders@aol.com

Phone:  912-658-3500

CLICK HERE for more photos of the farm

Click HERE for more photos of the farm