Purchase/Price Information for Holther Border Collie puppies

To me, it is a little tacky to put prices on a website for my beloved babies.  But I get so many generic emails
of folks asking for a price.  If someone emails a one-liner asking how much my puppies cost, I rarely respond.
A purchase price is the LEAST amount you will ever spend on a dog (if you are the kind of home I'd want for one
of my pups) and it is merely a fair number that I have to assign for all of my time, energy and money
spent on this passion to try and do it the best way I possibly can.

But to save some time/emails, and to keep things simple for my next round of puppies,

All 2017 puppies $1,500

Most will be placed on limited AKC registration.  Rare occasional exceptions to the price or to this agreement
are on a case by case basis and a special agreement will be made for the occasional show or breeding type homes.

If you have any questions, please email holtherborders@aol.com

Thank you,