Border Collie Questionnaire

If you are interested in being considered for a Border Collie, please fill out the following questionnaire. The purpose of this questionnaire is to help me decide if a Border Collie is a good fit for your situation. As a breeder, my responsibility is first and foremost to my puppies and trying to match them with the right home.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This form cannot be submitted from the website any more.  You have a few options for sending this to me:

1)  Highlight all the questions by left-clicking and dragging down the list.  Then right click while highlighted and choose "Copy". 
2)  Open a WORD document or compose an email to and right click again and choose "Paste" in the body of the email or in the blank Word document. 
3)  Fill in the form and then email it to me. 

4) You can also print this page and hand-write it and then scan or mail it to me as well.  Email if you need my mailing address.  Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

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*Your E-Mail:
*Your Name:
*Address: (at least City, State, Country where you live and where the dog would be living)
*City, State & Zip


  1. Have you ever owned a Border Collie? If so, please tell me a bit more.


  2. What made you decide to purchase a Border Collie?


  3. Do you prefer a male or a female or no preference?



  4. Which color do you prefer?  What colors in BCs are you willing to have?


  5. Which of the following activities are of interest to you?
    (check or list all that apply)
    Conformation Obedience Herding  Agility
    Family Pet Other, please list: 


  6. Have you ever earned a title on a dog? YES or NO

    If Yes, please list below what types:


  7. Are you planning on attending training classes? YES or NO

    If YES, please tell me who/where/or name of place where you plan to go to classes or if you need recommendations.


  8. If you are not planning on showing in conformation, are you willing to have your Border Collie Spayed or Neutered?


  9. Do you currently own any other dogs? YES OR NO

    If Yes, please list them below along with breed, age, sex and spay/neuter status:


  10. If you currently do not own any dogs, can you tell me about your past experience with dogs and/or Border Collies specifically?


  11. Do you have young children? YES OR NO

    If Yes, please list their ages below and give me a brief idea of their exposure to dogs:


  12. Is your yard fenced? If not what are your plans for exercising your dog?


  13. Does anyone in your family have allergies to dogs? YES or NO or Don't know


  14. Who will be the primary care giver? 


  15. How many hours per day will this dog be left alone?     1-3?     6-9?     9-12?


  16. Where will the puppy be when no one is home - (such as: loose, crated, confined to kitchen, garage, back yard, kennel or other?)


  17. Where will the dog sleep at night? - (such as: on the bed, loose, crated, confined to kitchen, basement, garage, back yard, kennel or other?)


  18. Do you have any livestock, cats or other animals other than dogs?  If so, please list.



  19. Have you ever given a dog up to a shelter, pound or rescue group, if yes please explain? 


  20. Have you ever returned a dog to its breeder, if yes please explain?


  21. Are you willing to stay in regular contact with us for the life of the dog and provide updates and photos?


  22. How much do you expect to pay for a puppy?
  23. What do you plan to feed your puppy?  What do you feed your other dogs if you have other dogs?
  24. Please tell me a bit about what you are looking for in a Border Collie.  As well as what a typical day in the life of a BC pup would be like with you.
  25. Please tell me a bit about your training methods.  How do or will you plan to house train?  How do you or how will you correct or change unwanted behaviors?  How will you teach certain behaviors?  What behaviors are most important to you?  Are there certain behaviors that you absolutely cannot tolerate?  Please explain.


  26. Do you plan to pick up your puppy or would you want your puppy to be shipped to you? 


  27. Have you spoken with any other breeders? YES OR NO

    If Yes, please list them below:

    Have they added you to their waiting list?


  28. How did you learn about my Border Collies?


  29. Are you at all interested in being contacted about an older dog or older puppy needing placement? YES OR NO



    Please list several (at LEAST 3) references
    (veterinarian, person active in dogs or close acquaintance preferred).

    Please include an e-mail address or phone number for each if possible:


    Reference 2:

    Reference 3:

    Reference 4:

    By submitting this form, you are stating that all of the above information is accurate and true.