2012 Holther Border Collie Reunion

More pictures/videos to come...



Same weekend as usual!  November 9-11th weekend this year as well!



ALSO:  We will be taking up a donation for one of "our own", Tinna Brown with Levy (and 4 other dogs) who lost their home and most contents to Hurricane Sandy.
Please bring some extra cash and I will mail one check to her on the Monday following the reunoin.  THANK YOU!  See you all SOON!

A few changes for hotels:

The Comfort Inn in Griffin is not offering us a special rate this year.  But if you'd like to stay there, book ASAP, they are almost full due to a wedding in the area.
It is one of the closest hotels that accepts pets.

There is also the Motel 6 in Griffin, GA which does accept pets.

The next closest town is probably McDonough, GA and there are several hotels there, as well as in Peachtree City.  Also there is a LaQuinta Inn in Locust Grove.

Agility Trial in Marietta:

There is the agility trial in Marietta, GA that weekend as well for those who wish to attend Friday and/or Sunday.  The reunion will be all day on Saturday 10th.  My recommendation is to stay close to the Muir's house on Saturday night and then wake up really early to drive to the trial on Sunday morning.  Most of us stay near there both Fri and Sat night and we stay at the LaQuinta in Marietta on Thursday night before the Friday trial.  The Premium list will be out soon and I will FWD that to you all.  If not, please email me or the secretary to request.


Reunion Festivities:

Saturday, November 10th is the main day of festivities.  More info to follow.