Border Collie Family Reunion 2010

Click HERE for information about 2011 reunion!

Many pictures (and a video!) below:

Welcome bags LOADED with goodies like frisbee, t-shirts dog bandanas and much more!

The things that Alisa, Stacey, Mark, etc made/did were just amazing - thank you!!!

Ten, Thunder, Miranda and their Mom, Savannah (back right) at the agility trial on reunion weekend

Demi (Cap x Kisha) and Thunder (Epic x Savannah) above

Ten in his RV on his way to the reunion....and Ten at the reunion

Savannah (who is naked right now!) and her sons Bodhi and Jace above

Brandy kisses a duck

Sally and Lola, littermates above (Stella x Epic)

Left to Right:  Brandy, Irish, Thunder

Maggie (Beau Jr x Kish) and Flo (Savannah x Epic) above

Brandy playing disc at the reunion and sister Alice watching

Brotherly Love - Ten and Thunder         On right, Sally LOVES the ducks!

Rex and his disc, and Echo looking so handsome!

Heather and Kisha waiting to jump in the photo

Thunder and Irish saying goodbye after a great weekend!