Memorial Day 2014 Party at the FARM!


We've decided to throw a bash on Monday Memorial Day May 26th.  We will have some festivities all weekend in the evenings, but during the day on Saturday and Sunday there is a frisbee/disc tournament in Pooler, which is an hour from the farm.  But the main party is on Monday.  We will be grilling out throughout the day and will have many fun disc games, cornhole, whiffleball, kickball, bocce, etc.  Also there is the pool which is dog-friendly and much more.  Agility equipment and such available for dog practice too.  If the weather is awful we will have to cancel but hopefully it will be perfect to just come hang out with friends, family and dogs!\

ALL Holther BC friends, local friends, and HBC owners and potential future owners are invited, as well as those attending the Pooler disc event.

So come on up to our "redneck yachtclub" for Memorial Day!  And if you need to crash here, we will make room :) And those of you with RVs may park them here.


There will be more information soon about these two events and I will post it here for those who wish to play or watch the events.

Food and soft drinks provided but BYOB!  Bring a chair, too.  Any other dish or items you wish to bring are welcomed but not required :)

Party starts around 10:00am, come any time.
514 Eureka Road, Sylvania, GA 30467 (35 miles from I-95 exit 109)

Make sure to CLOSE THE FRONT GATE behind you and drive in very very slowly and carefully.

For more directions to the farm or other questions, please email me at