Again, the dangers of not just lawn or household pesticides, but those we put on our pets here

Worth reading this ENTIRE article...(continue past the cigarette part)  Then think about what we feed and water ourselves and our dogs...  Scary, but true.  Wish people were more educated about the company Monsanto and how much they control in this world.  And these things are not only in OUR food and environment but in our PETS' food too and in some cases worse for them.  I also strongly recommend the DVD (or if you have Netflix) called Food, Inc. as a good place to start to really understanding the business of food and farming and why organic and origin is so important.  Very scary.

Canine Cancer Prevention

How to Dremel nails:

Heartworm meds food for thought:

Canine Cancer Prevention: 

Some new additions:

Top 10 Summer Safety Tips

Nails...why....? ....Read: 

RIP Sport and Kisha

As 2012 comes to a close, we'd like to personally thank everyone who is in our HBC family :)  We all have our ups and downs and I know this has been a really rough year for some of you with some great highs and terrible lows.  We really hope that 2013 brings better and great things for you all.  Thank you for being a part of our lives.  It really means so much to have such great people love and care for these BCs, and I know I don't express my gratitude enough.... So from the BC mamas and papas and the humans here at HBCs, we sincerely THANK YOU for loving and caring for your dogs and being part of the family :)  Also, I wanted to thank those of you who sent such kind and caring cards and such for Christmas - we really appreciate it, and it meant so much.  I do apologize that things have been so hectic and that I've been a little behind or short in communication lately.  There's been a lot going on here the past few of months.  I try to check in on FB as often as I can but I know I miss things that people post and I hope everyone realizes that it's just very hard to keep up with everything around the clock :)  I'd love to say for 2013 I plan to REDUCE the amount of time checking the phone or computer, but I guess I need to try to MAKE more time to try to keep up a little better so I don't miss things that folks post lol ;) Please know that I do READ everything that is emailed or messaged directly to me, but often it takes me a while to find the time to properly sit down and write back.  Anyway, I plan to try to improve this in 2013 despite the super hectic year that is about to start.  Anyway, thanks again for everything!  We love you guys and we look forward to the new year!


This is webcast presentation is long but well worth the listening for those interested in truly understanding how vaccines and immunity work and the benefits of titer testing and the information needed to "combat" those vet opinions who claim titers are useless....

And this article below is just excellent.  Period. 

Some reading:


I hope folks will take the time to read the long article at the link below.  There are SO many misconceptions about training and dog behavior.


I decided I rather the news page be a news-only/updates/brags type page.  But there have been a few times I've wanted to ramble or share things or some topics to discuss.  So I figured I would just create a new page for this, mainly because I think some things just aren't meant for FB and many friends and HBC family (believe it or not) are not on Facebook.