Remedy x Thunder
DOB: 7/30/13

2 black and white girls - Hope and Maggie

Remedy had 4 black and white girls, but two died before they were born.
She had her puppies unexpectedly early and therefore we were not present during the birth of the first two.
Unfortunately in the process of her chewing the umbilical cord, she accidentally chewed the front leg of one of the pups.
The third was still born after a long delay after the first two pups, so we decided to c-section the 4th, who also had already passed previously as well.
We are all so sad, but we have a feeling that these puppies (especially the one missing part of her leg) are going to be INCREDIBLY special.

Girl 1, 7 weeks:

Girl 2, 7 weeks:

Just turned 6 weeks:

Girl 1:

Girl 2:

4.5 weeks old:

Girl 1, 28 days old:

Girl 2, 28 days old (who was very sleepy during her photo session!):

Girl 1, 21 days old:

Girl 2, 21 days old:

Girl 1, 2 weeks old:

Girl 2, 2 weeks old:

One week old above

Talk to the paw!

Girl #1

Girl #2