Ch. Simaro Harmony in Motion
DOB: 07/06/12  CEA/CL Normal by parentage CERF Normal '12  BAER Normal, OFA Hips: GOOD, Full dentition, 17.5" at withers
Pedigree and more info below.
Sh. Ch. Pikkupaimenen Great Pretender at Locheil  x  Multi Sh. Ch. Borderline Country Champagne (Crufts winner)

Tilly is a beautifully structured girl in a smaller package.  She is well-proportioned and moves like a dream.
Tilly didn't show long because she earned her Championship so quickly with one of her wins as a pup beating the #1 Border Collie in the country at that time. 
Tilly knows no stranger, dog or human, she has an incredible sweet and friendly temperament.  She has a lot of energy and major "hops", she is quite athletic. 
We decided we will breed her while young and will focus more on performance in the future after she has some puppies.

*Flash!  Tilly takes back to back majors, twice, and finishes her CH in 4 shows (and with 5 point major)!

"Tilda" (aka Tilly)

Tilly at 2 years old: (Thank you Katy Chadwick for the photos!)

Thank you L.A. Freed for this photo of my puppy!

Tilly in her lady bug Halloween costume :)

Pictures below at 9.5 weeks

5 weeks old

I wanted to import some new blood, although not totally new to us here, this puppy is related to Georgia.  Georgia's sire, Zony, and this new puppy are half-siblings through their wonderful, Crufts-winning mother, Naomi.
We are hoping to add her to our breeding program in the future for some more genetic diversity.  Meanwhile, she is a spunky, loving, sweet puppy who will be training for the conformation ring and agility.  Looks like maybe some herding too, she is quite stylish with her stalking :)  

Sire: Sh. Ch. Pikkupaimenen Great Pretender at Locheil

Dam: Multi Sh. Ch. Borderline Country Champagne

Thank you to Silvia and the Adelsperger family for this lovely puppy!


Simaro Harmony In Motion [Deu]
Five Generation Pedigree

Aus Ch Sheermyst Hit N Miss [Aus]

Aus Ch Sheermyst Direct Hit [Aus]

Crestvale Belle Star [Aus]

Aus Jap Ch Nahrof The Talisman [Aus]

Multi Ch Windygyle Maori Chief [Aus]

Aus Grand Ch Nahrof Formal Affair [Aus]

Aus Ch Kantalpa Tuxn Tailz [Aus]

Multi Ch Nahrof The Cohort HSAs [Aus]

Aus Ch Crestvale Sono Thunder [Aus]

Aus Ch Ansavon Sono Thor [Aus]

Ansavon Sasha [Aus]

Aus Ch Nahrof Echoes Of An Era [Aus]

Send-A-Way Midnight [Nzl]

Gotrah Celtic Brie CD TDex [Aus]

Aus Ch Gotrah Beautys Lass [Aus]

Sh Ch Pikkupaimenen Great Pretender At Locheil [Fin]

Aus Ch Tuckonie Quiet Achiever [Aus]

AKC Aus Ch Trumagik Tartan Scott

Aus Ch Aussiemate Michaela [Aus]

Fin Sh Ch Int Ch Maccabee Blue Peter [Fin]

Aus Ch Sheermyst Sonofa Tart [Aus]

Multi Ch Pikkupaimenen Coconut Cream CDex TDex [Fin]

Multi Ch Borderfame Sheer Delight

AKC Fin Ch Pikkupaimenen Front Page News (FIN 38900/01) [Fin]

Aus Nzl Ch Maghera Crystal Rhythm [Aus]

Borderfame Royal Salute CD [Aus]

Aus Nzl Ch Borderfame Miss Muffin [Aus]

Fin Int Ch Borderfame Talk Oth Town [Aus]

Aus Grand Ch Borderfame Bravo (ANKC W979042) [Aus]

AKC Aus Ch Tullacrest Goodtime Girl (AKC DL80967401)

Aus Ch Tullacrest Lovem-N-Levem [Aus]

Simaro Harmony In Motion [Deu]

Minimbah Out On The Town [Aus]

Minimbah Polar Express [Aus]

Aus Ch Minimbah Mac Callie [Aus]

Zaf Ch Millnjazz Modern Mystery Of Venron [Aus]

Kyeshane Starbuck [Aus]

Aus Ch Monsalvat Modern Millie [Aus]

Jericho Bess [Aus]

Multi Ch Cinlock Catchword [Zaf]

Multi Ch Clan-Abby The Highlander At Serenecrest [Nzl]

Zaf Ch Fragglerock Tartan Ross Of Cinlock [Zaf]

Fragglerock Border Lass [Zaf]

Cinlock Catarina [Zaf]

Wizaland Newz Blewz

Zaf Ch Wizaland Sewing Susan At Cinlock

Trumond Made To Measure JW

Borderline Country Champagne [Aut]

Aus Nzl Ch Maghera Crystal Rhythm [Aus]

Aus Grand Ch Khayoz Soul Deep [Aus]

Aus Ch Lindenbrae Tarfin Louisa [Aus]

Multi Ch Borderfame Heart N Soul [Aus]

Aus Ch Nzl Grand Ch Clan-Abby Phantom Of Love [Nzl]

Borderfame Token O Love [Aus]

AKC Ch Aus Grand Ch Borderfame Forever Magic CD [Aus]

Aut Ch Borderline Country Tiffany [Aut]

Sh Ch Brooksbid Country Classic

Multi Ch Dykebar Reach For Glory

Sh Ch Dykebar Future Glory

Aut Ch Lionheart Anya At Borderline [Deu]

Multi Ch Borderbreeze Lionheart

Deu Ch From Borders Home A Magic Heart [Ned]

Produced by:

Multi Ch Rosehurst Kiri